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DevFluence™ is a Professional Software Development School which embraces the challenge of being a professional software developer whilst building a sustainable rewarding career, by reimagining development practices, learning and training to allow professional software developers to create business value consistently, whilst doing their best work, in your business.


Our Values

Be Courageous
in Your Efforts
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The choice to pursue the goal of pragmatic value that is aligned to my values, ahead of fears, convenience or short term gain, that is

  • Courage to be deliberate and be transparent in the face of mounting pressure and looming deadlines.
  • Courage to speak up, to listen and be willing to be corrected.
  • Courage to do the right thing.
  • Courage to continually add value.
  • Courage to act and to take ownership of learning, career, deliverables and quality.
Self Mastery
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It starts with me.

I work at exercising internal locus of control, self-discipline, deliberation, humility, self-awareness and persistence.

  • Am I on a journey to improve ?
  • Am I physically and mentally resilient?
  • Am I growing and learning?
  • Am I seeking and acting on feedback?
Engage in Contextual
Learning & Doing
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I am a Software Professional. I value:

  • Working in the trenches,
  • Learning,
  • Meaning-making and
  • Knowledge sharing
Making a
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I want to make a meaningful contribution with both heart and mind.
Am I:

  • Trying to make things better?
  • Balancing short term and long term goals?
Being Credibile is

(being + doing)^ Mastery * authenticity

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Is (Being+ Doing)^ Mastery*Authenticity.

Credibility enables trust. Trust makes high performance possible.

  • Am I consistent in my practices ?
  • Am I accountable for my decisions and actions?
  • Am I focused on the impact of my outputs?

Professional Software Developers have the courage to create value for customers, themselves and their community.

- Anujah Bosman CEO


TDD Fundamentals
Advanced TDD Techniques
TDD SOLID Brownfields
Core Coding Principles
SOLID Coupling and Cohesion Clean Code Clean Architecture TDD Collective Code Ownership Craftsmanship
Mob Programming SOLID TDD Craftsmanship Collective Code Ownership Brownfields TDD

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